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Play for free, invite your friends, set up your own leagues, or just play to pit your predicting skills against everyone else in the global leagues.

Every week there will be 10 English football league fixtures published and it is your job to predict the score for each fixture. These fixtures will primarily be from the Premier league but some Championship, FA cup and other fixtures will crop up from time to time.

All fixtures will take place on Saturday and Sunday. The cut off for making predictions will be midday on a Saturday.

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The Premier League is probably one of the most unpredictable leagues in Europe. Do you have what it takes to consistantly predict match results throughout the whole season and become top predictor?

If you are a fan of the English Premier League then you will love playing our Online Football Prediction Game. Even when your own team is not playing, you will have something to shout about!

We have also made our own predictions of where the Premier League teams will all end up at the end of the season. Why not send us your own final table predictions and see whether you can do better than us?